Open Theses


Student Theses

  1. Sarang Sonar, Leveraging Large Language Models for reducing the drug development cycle, Master Thesis 2024.
  2. Ramin Udash, Object detection from 3D images of digital twin assets for transport infrastructure management using Explainable Deep Learning Approach, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  3. Mohamed Mourad Ouazghire, Explainable AI for Object Detection in 3D PointClouds, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  4. Bati Lemma Gudissa, Effective route planning using Machine Learning and Explainable AI, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  5. Ian Ruvuto Kampwanyi, Predicting train delays with Causal Machine Learning, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  6. Shubhankar Bhattarai, Efficient Routing with GTFS Data for Public Transportation, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  7. Girum Eneyew Mengistu, Conducting a Causal Analysis for Sustainable Transportation Based on a Case Study, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  8. Krishna Gautam, Impact analysis to enhance circularity in the automotive industry using causal machine learning, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  9. Ku Chul Jung, Development of Metrics to Measure the Explainability of Machine Learning Models for Digital Twin, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  10. Pascal Díez Dencker, Leveraging Causal Machine Learning in manufacturing: Analysis of the impacts of process parameters on power consumption, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  11. Isabella Marquez, Leveraging Causal Machine Learning for Enhanced Decision-Making in the Manufacturing of Customized Products, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  12. Ursula Anna Salwa, Predictive Maintenance of Aircraft Components: Impact of Using Explainable Machine Learning on Cost, Safety & Efficiency, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  13. Gorazd Velkov, Analysing Links Among Factors Driving Voluntary Carbon Offsetting through Causal Machine Learning,
  14. Abel A Mengistu, Unlocking Circular Economy Potential: The Role of Digital Product Passports (DPP) in Enhancing Resource Efficiency throughout Supply Chain, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  15. Heonyoung Jeong, Causal Discovery and analysis of power consumption time series of CNC machine, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  16. Abrham Amanu Eshetu, Revolutionizing Mobility: Unveiling the potential of Artificial Intelligence in Cooperative, Connective and Automated Mobility (CCAM), Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  17. Youssef Ghribi, Comparative Analysis of Traditional and AI Autoregressive Models for Enhancing Demand Forecasting, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  18. Syed Muhammad Ali Hashmi, Environmental Impact of Automobiles emissions using Causal Machine Learning, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  19. Karim Tariq Abualrish, Digitizing Healthcare for Cost Optimization and Enhanced Patient Care, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  20. Yezlim Naomi Baca Morales, Exploration of Autoregressive Models in TensorFlow Through the application of energy forecasting, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  21. Alexa Leon, Assessment framework for software tools for building digital twins in aerospace startup environments, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  22. Ari Platow, Factors affecting the willingness of consumers to adopt Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility: A structural Equation Modelling Analysis, Bachelor Thesis 2024.
  23. Swaresh Suresh Divekar, The role of causal machine learning to improve decision making in Supply Chain Management, Master Thesis 2024.
  24. Melisa Engin, The role of digital twin in production and demand planning, Master Thesis 2024.
  25. Habtegiorgis Sileshi Mengistie, Comparative Analysis of Relational and NoSQL Database Solutions for Data Management for Construction Industry: A Case Study, Master Thesis 2024
  26. Abebe Yohannes Hailemariam, Docker-based Search Engine and Analytics Infrastructure with Elasticsearch for Construction Industry, Master Thesis 2024
  27. Kritkorn Supyen, Feature detection from 3D models to extract object semantics for digital twin assets, Master Thesis 2023
  28. Chandra Shekar Srinivasaiah, Reinforcement learning for Forward Hedging: Focus on model to predict, improve and help trader make automated decisions in volatile markets, Master Thesis 2023
  29. Durga Shree Kolla, Fleet data analysis – Investigation of fleet survey data via different machine learning models to improve fatigue design assumptions, Master Thesis 2023
  30. Mohammad Tanzil Alam, Detecting data drifts in clinical NLP, Master Thesis 2023
  31. Harshitha Konduru, Design and implementation of a causal machine learning decision making framework for supply chain operations using internal supplier performance KPI’s and external event data, Master Thesis 2023
  32. Ahmet Erdem Yeniay, Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) Implementation in Smart Cities Applications (Emissions or Fuel Consumption), Master Thesis 2023
  33. Abhishek Mathur, Development of database-to-ontology mapping for enhanced interoperability in materials science, Master Thesis 2023
  34. Siddhant Singh, Finding best ontology for desired text file and mapping the sentences into the ontology, Master Thesis 2023
  35. Jitesh Kumar, Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) Implementation in prediction of crop yield, soil properties, and irrigation requirements, Master Thesis 2023
  36. Subash Chandra Pal, Mapping 2D images to ontology, Master Thesis 2023
  37. Ajay Ghimire, Deep Reinforcement Learning for industrial microgrid management, Master Thesis 2023
  38. Bikiran Choudhury, Explainable AI models for the final cost of product forecasting based on raw material price trend, Master Thesis 2023
  39. Jhealyn Samson, Mapping unstructured data types to existing ontologies, Master Thesis 2023
  40. Justin Zamora, Causal machine learning for automotive supply chain/manufacturing, Master Thesis 2023
  41. Chidambar Prabhakar Bangre, Autoregressive models using TensorFlow (Hybrid ARIMA combined with deep neural networks) for Forecasting of renewable energy data, Master Thesis 2023
  42. Adriana Martinez, Analysis of traditional machine learning vs causal machine learning for supplier escalation using multi-criteria decision-making methods in the operational supply chain, Master Thesis 2023
  43. Tammy Siyakurima, Digital Transformation of retail organizations- Jacobs DOUWE Egberts Case Study, Master Thesis 2023
  44. Vikas Kumar, Logistics KPI analysis for wind energy industry, Master Thesis 2023
  45. Mehr un Nisa, Conceptual model of platform for digital asset management to enable cross-company collaborative digital twin development for transport infrastructure management, Master Thesis 2023
  46. Ilyas Benyamna, Object detection and semantic annotation from 3D images of digital twin assets for transport infrastructure management using machine learning, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  47. Blen Assefa, How artificial intelligence can improve the management of large projects? A causal machine learning approach, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  48. Sakar Gopal Gurubacharya, Anomaly detection in building energy-saving information systems using internet of things and explainable agent-based algorithms, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  49. Rana Ibrahimova, Deep reinforcement learning for decision making in demand response system, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  50. Vahid Menu Nesro, Analyzing causal machine learning trends in manufacturing, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  51. Parth Shukla, A Smart Irrigation System using Explainable AI, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  52. Suyash Thapa, Finding a strategy to trade commodities at EXAA, EPEX and EPEX-15 market using machine learning, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  53. Ainna Zafar, Measuring the level of explainability of existing machine learning methods, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  54. Urfan Alvani, Plant disease detection using supervised machine learning, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  55. Hani Alnahas, Deep reinforcement learning for Industrial task scheduling, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  56. Muhammad Saleem Zafar, Building Smart Cities of the future using the advancements in Industry 4.0 Infrastructure. A data analysis approach of the current open data repositories around the world, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  57. Aruzhan Nurzhumina, Knowledge graph building for artificial intelligence for better decisions in manufacturing, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  58. Kaleb Alemayehu, Crop yield prediction from soil properties using XAI, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  59. John Atanacio, The role of XAI in estimating the effect of climate change to crop yield in Germany, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  60. Assiya Zakay, Conceptual model of platform for digital asset management to enable cross-company collaborative digital twin development for the circular economy, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  61. Waleed Siddique, The role of XAI in predicting martial art athlete performance, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  62. Paula Meisterknecht, Identifying essential ESG drivers of the manufacturing industry in the EU using MCDM, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  63. Suman Thapaliya, Energy consumption and Cost prediction of customized product using data analytics or machine learning, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  64. Aizhan Taubayeva, Digital twin development in manufacturing and its effect on sustainability, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  65. Heinn Thant Zaw, An analysis of the limitations and challenges of stock performance prediction using data and machine learning, Bachelor Thesis 2023
  66. Akarawint Chawalitanont, Power Consumption Prediction of Customised Stainless Steel Ring Products using Hierarchical Bayesian Models and Artificial Neural Networks, Master Thesis 2022
  67. Nadhir Khoubeieb Mechai, Causal Machine Learning (CML) for Demand Forecasting of Semiconductor Products, Master Thesis 2022
  68. Xiaotong Fan, Advanced Time Series Analysis for Electric Vehicle Demand Forecasting, Master Thesis 2022
  69. Sayali Rajhans, Automatic Population of Sustainability Knowledge Graph using Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT), Master Thesis 2022
  70. Gaolefufa Kefilwe Mathumo, Automatic Data Preparation for Sustainability Assessment from Text Documents using Deep Bidirectional Transformers, Master Thesis 2022
  71. Seyed Taha Raeisi, Delivery Assurance and Digitalization Utilizing Expert’s Knowledge, Internal Key Performance Indexes and Exogenous Risk Factors to Drive Operational Supply Chain, Master Thesis 2022
  72. Vamsi Sai Pidikiti, Managing interoperability in the circular economy, Master Thesis 2022
  73. Muhammad Abdullah Shah, Using Machine Learning to Optimize Dynamic Pricing in Production at Machine Level, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  74. Nurgun Rafizade, Exploration of Radial Basis Function Networks and Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference Systems for Time Series Forecasting, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  75. Hamza Hayak, Explainable AI for Crop Yield Prediction, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  76. Toska Ymerhalili, Deep Reinforcement Learning for Industrial Microgrid Management, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  77. Nguyen Duy Bao, Ensemble Learning to forecast Wind/Solar power generation, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  78. Carlotta Buck, Incentivising Voluntary Carbon Offsetting and its Driving Factors: Integrating Causal and Statistical Data Analysis, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  79. Abel Teklearegay, Ontology Matching Using Supervised Learning Techniques, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  80. Christopher Mclaughlan, Querying Ontologies using NLP: A Natural Language based Query Interface to OWL Ontologies for Demand-Response System, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  81. Kaleb Kristo, What social-cultural values of products make people shop online? A causal data analytics method, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  82. Moonkyoung Choo, Effect of Governmental Policies and Healthcare Systems on COVID-19 Hosptalization: A Machine Learning Prediction Approach, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  83. Karen Okoli, The Role of AI in Circular Economy: Automotive industry, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  84. Kezia Adesanya, Mapping JSON data to Existing Ontologies: Populating the ontologies by the Data contents using Python Libraries, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  85. Mariam Bukhrashvili, The impact of Covid-19 on Quality Audits The Future of pharmaceutical quality audits, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  86. Mohamed Ghandour, Product Portfolio Complexity Management a data-driven approach using ‘Analytical Hierarchy Process’ and the ‘Technique for Order Performance by Similarity to Ideal Solution, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  87. Mulisa Kevine Umwiza, The Role of Digital Twin in Sustainable Supply Chain in the Automotive Industry, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  88. Rauan Beibit, COVID-19 Impact on the Supply Chain Effects of the Semiconductor Shortage on the Automotive Industry, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  89. Stefan Krstevski, The Influence of Dynamic Electricity Price on Production Scheduling: A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  90. Abumansur Sabyrrakhim, Mapping SQL (Pre)-clinical Data from Cancer Radiooncology and Radiobiology Studies to Ontology, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  91. Xuchong Du, Application of GNN in supply chain for link prediction and explainability analysis, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  92. Ylva Reinhold, How Do Industry 4.0 Applications Help in Designing Sustainable Forest Management? A Conceptual Framework of IoT in Novel Sectors, Bachelor Thesis 2022
  93. Samson, Jhealyn Bautista, Text to Ontology Mapping using Semantic Similarity, Advance Project 2 of M.Sc.Data Engineering 2022
  94. Ajay Ghimire, Explainability of Machine Learning Linear Models, Advance Project 2 of M.Sc.Data Engineering 2022
  95. Ahmet Erdem Yeniay, Explainability of Machine Learning Time Series Models, Advance Project 2 of M.Sc.Data Engineering 2022
  96. Bikiran Choudury, Explainability of Deep Neural Network Models, Advance Project 2 of M.Sc.Data Engineering 2022
  97. Durga Shree Kolla, Causal machine learning for supply chain risk assessment, Advance Project 2 of M.Sc.Data Engineering 2022
  98. Harshitha Konduru, Causal machine learning for operation supply chain management, Advance Project 2 of M.Sc.Data Engineering 2022
  99. Ahmet Erdem Yeniay, Text Analytics for ESG Performance Measurement, Advance Project 1 of M.Sc. Data Engineering 2022
  100. Harshitha Konduru, NLP Approach to Map Text Documents to Sustainability Ontologies and Ontology Population, Advance Project 1 of M.Sc.Data Engineering 2022
  101. Kritkorn Supyen, Automatic Object Labeling with Ontologies, Advance Project 2 of M.Sc.Data Engineering 2022
  102. Abishek Mathur, Manufacturing Machine Type Detection using YOLOv5, Advance Project 2 of M.Sc.Data Engineering 2022
  103. Akarawint Chawalitanont, Exploring Deep Learning Algorithms for Time Series Forecasting, Advance Project 2 of M.Sc. Data Engineering 2022
  104. Chirag Vaghela, Dynamic demand response system for efficient energy usage, marketing and production, Advance Project 1 of M.Sc. Data Engineering 2022
  105. Devashis Malla Shrestha, Reinforcement Learning in Predicting Chaotic Time Series of Renewable Energy Generation, Master Thesis 2021
  106. Atanu De, Demand Side Management of Customer Electricity Consumption, Master Thesis 2021
  107. Alan Carraveo, ESG Assessment Framework for Airlines Industry, Master Thesis 2021
  108. Sakshi Sharma, A Comprehensive Solution for Big Data Handling in Material Science, Master Thesis 2021
  109. Ishansh Gupta, Enhancing Football Analytics using Data Science, Master Thesis, 2021
  110. Chhandosee Bhattacharya, Container Layout Optimization using Reinforcement Learning, Master Thesis 2021
  111. Pardis Sahraei, Integration of Drones Technology and the Public Transportation System for the Last Mile Delivery by Considering Dynamic Distribution Centers, Master Thesis 2021
  112. Vaibhav Apraj, A Proof of Concept for an incrementally enhanced Data Quality Dashboard, Master Thesis 2021
  113. Thanh Tuan Nguyen, Handling interoperability in dynamic electricity market, Bachelor Thesis 2021
  114. Temirlan Aikenov, Energy consumption and cost prediction of customized products using data analytics or machine learning, Bachelor Thesis 2021
  115. Sebastian Gonzalez, Impact of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing on Products and their Features, Bachelor Thesis 2021
  116. Yanny Budiaki, Reduction of food loss along the Sub-Saharan African food supply chain: The application of a sharing economy product, Bachelor Thesis 2021
  117. Tammy Siyakurima, How can Artificial Intelligence Improve the Management of Large Projects? Bachelor Thesis 2021
  118. Oumeng Xia, How COVID-19 Give Impact to the Supply Chain of Food and Hygiene, Bachelor Thesis 2021
  119. Mohid Qaiser, The effect of dynamic electricity price on production planning and control, Bachelor Thesis 2021
  120. Korin Hoxha, Towards the Construction of a Supply Chain Management Digital Twin using Data Management and Data Analytics, Bachelor Thesis 2021
  121. Unai Alapont, Novel Smart Contracts Model for the Infrastructure Sector: A Design Science Research Framework, Bachelor Thesis 2021
  122. Egor Sarafanov, Artificial Intelligence in Project Management: What factors influence the level of AI adaptation?, Bachelor Thesis 2021
  123. Edmundo Cuadra, Data Analytics Approach for Penetrating the Aircraft Manufacturing Market Duopoly, Bachelor Thesis 2021
  124. Atanu De, Global Carbon Dioxide Emission Analysis Master data management and time series analysis, Advance Project 1 of M.Sc. Data Engineering 2021
  125. Akarawint Chawalitanont, Exploring Classification Models Using Statistical Features, Advance Project 1 of M.Sc. Data Engineering 2022
  126. Chirag Vaghela, Prophet Algorithm for forecasting of renewable energy and architectural design of Delfine Project APIs, Advance Project 1 of M.Sc. Data Engineering 2022
  127. Atit Bashyal, Moving Beyond Maximum Likelihood Estimates Application of Bayesian Inference techniques in Poverty Prediction, Master Thesis 2020
  128. Merint Thomas Mathew, Monitoring Customer Activity and Forecasting Future Deals for Improved Customer Success Management, Master Thesis 2020
  129. Peter-Sleiman Mansour, Supplier selection model for sustainable supply chain in low-cost robotics production, Master Thesis 2020
  130. Daoyuan Ji, Collaborative Distribution Model between Logistics Service Providers and Public Transportation Operators: Investigation of parcel Movement in the Public Transit Network with Heuristics Approach, Master Thesis 2020
  131. Kateryna Taran, Current state of Facilities Management industry: Development and implementation of new standards, technologies, and strategies around the world, Master Thesis 2020
  132. Zayed Balout, Industry 4.0: An Empirical and Conceptual Analysis Approach t o the Implementation and Progression of Digitalization within the Construction Sector, Master Thesis 2020
  133. Yousuf Farooq, Investigating the Causes of Green Skepticism and its consequence, “Silent Sustainability, Bachelor Thesis 2020
  134. Yangduojiao Shao, Time Series Demand Analysis of Common B2C Epidemic Prevention Product, Bachelor Thesis 2020
  135. Sebastian Reiser, Dynamic Electricity Pricing: Comparative Study of Different Forecasting Methods, Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  136. Saurav Kedia, Carpooling in Nepal: User Perspective based on Sustainability, Bachelor Thesis 2020
  137. Paolo de Leon, How Industry 4.0 Secures the Future of the Shipbuilding Industry, Bachelor Thesis 2020
  138. Paola Cevallos, Best Practices of Digitalization within Motorsport Events, Bachelor Thesis 2020
  139. Nathnael Behailu Taye, Energy Efficiency and Digitalization How to improve awareness on energy efficiency in residential buildings using digitalization?
  140. Narasyimmha Umapathy, Forecasting of annual wind power in Germany: A study of dynamic pricing models, Bachelor Thesis 2020
  141. Helen Schmitz, How do bonus programs affect the customer behaviour towards sustainable packaging? Bachelor Thesis 2020
  142. Flavia Shega, Artificial Intelligence Contemporary Implications in Healthcare, Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  143. Daniyar Abdimomunov, Validation of Opportunities and Challenges of Data Driven Applications, Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  144. Andrea Pin Morales, The Impact of Increased Transparency in Last Mile Delivery Emissions on Consumer Behaviour, Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  145. Amin Houshidari, Impact of sensitivity analysis on the data assessment in supply chain networks, Master Thesis, 2019
  146. Burulai Abdykapar Kyzy, The role of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics in project management, Master Thesis, 2019
  147. Cedric Ohlms, Data and Interface Management for Optimisation of Change Processes, Bachelor Thesis
  148. Dazhi Zhan, Systematic Comparison of Impact and Readiness of Industry 4.0 Technologies between China and Germany, Bachelor Thesis 2019
  149. Diego Lainfiesta, Production capacity prediction and its risk determination in a high Product-Mix environment, Master Thesis, 2019
  150. Katharina Landers, The Use of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things for Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance for Construction Machinery, Master Thesis, 2019
  151. Mifrah Aftab, Analyzation and Development of Logistics Chain KPIs for Sustainable Ports in Europe, Master Thesis
  152. Milos Delikladic, How Industry 4.0 technologies can be incorporated in future farming? Survey and interview investigation in Serbia, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  153. Minseog Choi, The role of digital factory and product lifecycle management on sustainability assessment in cement industry Quantitative approach in sustainability assessment, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  154. Miruthula Ramesh, To what extent can sustainable/green manufacturing benefit from the integration of IoT and Big data? Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  155. Murtaza Khalid Khawaja, What is the best practice model for implementation of quality management at a SME/StartUp? Implementation of Total Quality Management at IOTSU, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  156. Osama Bin Waheed, Construction 4.0 and smart building Development of the technology reference process model in construction 4.0 Case study: Sweden and China, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  157. Rahul Upadhyay, Industry 4.0 in Farming: Precision Agriculture A case study in Nepal, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  158. Rezi Chikviladze, How industry 4.0 technologies can improve shareconomy business model in construction industry? Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  159. Sharath Abraham Peter, How effectively can augmented reality benefit the organization in the area of quality management and process improvements in Press tool manufacturing shop? Master Thesis, 2019
  160. Tianran Ni, Medium to Short term Manpower Capacity Planning: An Automated Information System for Capacity Planning, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  161. Xuqi Bai, Ergonomic Performance Indicator Development for Assembly Systems: Extension of The EAWS Method with Assessment of Environmental Factors, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  162. Waleed Asif, Improving Energy and Resource Efficiency in Different Level of Production Using Industry 4.0 Technologies, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  163. Sergi Drago Gonzalez, Do machine learning models provide accurate macroeconomic GDP forecast? Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  164. Hussein Hegazy, Outsourcing and Swap practice in the petroleum industry, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  165. Osaid Khan, Assessing the Maturity Level of Industry 4.0 in the Automotive Industry, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  166. Young Joon Lee, Product Lifecycle Information Model for Reference Architectural Model Industrie 4.0 (RAMI 4.0), Master Thesis, 2018
  167. Kirsten Mueller, Analysis of NBA supply chain network for its expansion to Europe, Master Thesis, 2018
  168. Ali Naweed, The Role of Digitalization for transformation to Industrie 4.0 oriented Business in the German Automotive Industry Models, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  169. Anton Shavtvalishvili, Additive Manufacturing’s impact on supply chain in aerospace industry, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  170. Soman Tariq, Reinventing the Manufacturing Sector of Aerospace Industry by Implementing Industry 4.0 Technologies, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  171. Kemal Tumysch, Outsourcing and Enterprise Resource Planning: Challenges and Opportunity in Petroleum Supply Chain, Bachelor Thesis, 2018.
  172. JongHack Yi, Development of Sales Demand Forecast through process Improvement, Master Thesis, 2018
  173. Fakhrul Mahathir Muhammad, Development of Big Data Architecture for Building Energy Management, Bachelor Thesis, 2017
  174. Eugen Freitag, Einfluss der Digitalisierung auf die Automobilenentwicklung, Master Thesis, 2017
  175. Matteo von Plettenberg: Industrie 4.0 in der Automobilindustrie – Eine empirische Untersuchung der Chancen und Risiken, Master Thesis, 2017
  176. Anson Santoso: Entwicklung eines Konzeptes zur Einführung von Industrie 4.0 in produzierenden KMUs, Diploma Thesis, 2016
  177. Anggie Legiando Pratama: Integration of machine learning methods to predict energy production and consumption in demand response system, Bachelor Thesis, 2016
  178. Qing Xu: Wissensmanagement einer Best-Practice-Plattform von Montageprozessen zum Wissensaustausch in der Fahrzeugmontage, Master Thesis – In cooperation with BMW AG, 2015
  179. Abdellatif Laaroussi: Development of Ontology based Semantic Data Integration Concept for Improving Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities, Diploma Thesis, 2015
  180. Torben Wulff: Energiemanagement in der Produktion, Master Thesis, 2015
  181. Dilek Fansa: Development of Knowledge Engineering, Digitalization, and Human Computer Interaction Concept to Improve Efficiency of Manufacturing within the Factory of the Future Vision, Diploma Thesis, 2014
  182. Mehmet Alperen Caniklioglu: Entwicklung eines Konzeptes zur Modellierung von semantischen Informationen mit Ontologie für intelligentes Energiemanagement in der Produktion, Student Thesis, 2014
  183. Fridolin Klug: Modelling the Energy Production and Consumption for Future Efficient Energy System in Province Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Indonesia, Master Thesis, 2013
  184. Celine Reichel: Ein integriertes energetisches Kennzahlensystem im produzierenden Unternehmen, Student Thesis, 2013
  185. Fabian Jost: Ontology-based Energy Management in Manufacturing, Bachelor Thesis, 2013
  186. Ihssane El Oudghiri: Entwicklung eines Konzeptes zum ontologiebasierten und flussorientierten Energiemanagement in der Produktion, Diploma Thesis, 2013
  187. Jun Xu: Entwicklung von Data Mining Konzept zur Vorhersage des Energiebedarfs in der Produktion, Master Thesis, Diploma Thesis, 2013
  188. Robin Voigt: Vorgehensmodell zur Formulierung und Implementierung einer ökologisch nachhaltigen Produktionsstrategie, Master Thesis – In cooperation with Volkswagen Consulting, 2013
  189. Adil Zdi: Entwicklung eines Konzepts zur Generierung einer Wissensbasis für die Optimierung des Energieverbrauchs in der Produktion, Diploma Thesis, 2013
  190. Ardhi Irsyadi: Semi-Automatic Knowledge Generation for Knowledge-Based Energy Management System in Production, Bachelor Thesis – In cooperation with HS Karlsruhe, 2012
  191. Ahmad Diaa Aboustif: Semantisches Informationsmodell für intelligente Energiemanagement in der Produktion, Diploma Thesis, 2012
  192. Han Che: An integrated ICT approach to improve energy efficiency in discrete manufacturing (SME), Bachelor Thesis, 2012
  193. Abdullah Alhaj Hussein: Einsatz von Metaheuristiken zur Optimierung der Produktionsfeinplanung, Diploma Thesis, 2012
  194. Ion Martin Arriola: Analyse und Modellierung der reellen Condition Monitoring Events, mit einem direkten Einfluss auf den Produktionsprozess am Bsp. eines Karosserielagers, Diploma Thesis – In cooperation with VW Pamplona Spain, 2012
  195. Duc Viet Bui: Event-based condition monitoring for optimization of production planning and control, Bachelor Thesis, 2012
  196. Ernst Victor Prohl: Hyper-Heuristic Scheduling: Solving a Generic Real-World Problem, Bachelor Thesis, 2012
  197. Tobias Kaiser: Entwicklung eines Konzepts zur Ermittlung einer Energieeffizienz-Metrik im produzierenden Unternehmen, Bachelor Thesis, 2012
  198. Jacqueline Schöttler: Development of a Concept to Determine and Improve Energy Efficiency to Produce a Product Based on Its Configuration, Bachelor Thesis, 2012
  199. Stefan Weyer: Entwicklung eines Konzeptes zur semi-­‐automatischen Generierung von Regelwerk für die energieeffiziente Auftragsbearbeitungsplanung In der Produktion, Bachelor Thesis, 2011
  200. Zena Ballout: Usage of Information and Communication Technologies for an Energetic and Resource Efficient Production – a Comparison and Commendation, Bachelor Thesis, 2011
  201. Youssef Ait Laydi: Entwicklung eines Konzeptes zur IT-unterstützten Erfassung und Analyse von Anforderungen in Produktkonfigurationssystemen, Diploma Thesis, 2011
  202. Silvia Feurer: Analyse der Methoden, Techniken, und Systeme zur Verbesserung der Energieeffizienz in der Produktion, Bachelor Thesis, 2011
  203. Fabian Schwedes: Methoden, Techniken und Systemen der IT für die Produktionsplanung und -steuerung zur Verbesserung der Ressourceneffizienz in der Produktion, Student Thesis, 2011
  204. Enrico Kusnady: Konzeption und Realisierung einer Methodik zur Generierung und Verarbeitung einer Ontologie zur Verbesserung der Energieeffizienz im Haushalt, Student Thesis, 2010
  205. Mariusz Kosecki: Methods and tools for user pattern extraction in home automation environment to improve energy efficiency in household, Bachelor Thesis, In cooperation with Institute of Applied Informatics at the State School of Higher Professional Education in Elbląg, 2010
  206. Ariel Piotr Guz: Methods and tools to generate knowledge base for supporting energy usage analysis in household, Bachelor Thesis, In cooperation with Institute of Applied Informatics at the State School of Higher Professional Education in Elbląg, 2010